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Then he laid low, one after the other, Erymas, Amphoterus, Epaltes, Tlepolemus, Echius son of Damastor, Pyris, lpheus, Euippus and Polymelus son of Argeas.
vvbr c Phalaris (1913, Polymelus - Bromus, by Sainfoin).
Pommern 1915 Owner-breeder Solly Joel Trainer Charley Peck, Newmarket Jockey Steve Donoghue Sire Polymelus Triple Crown prize -money pounds 10,750 Ran 10 Won 7 Racing Post Historic Rating 135 Died 1935, aged 23 THE four years of racing during World War I produced three Triple Crown winners - Pommern, Gay Crusader and Gainsborough.