A greater than normal variation in the size of the cells of the human corneal endothelium.
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In addition to increase in the thickness of the corneal epithelial basement membrane, corneal morphological changes include polymorphism, polymegethism, irregular cellular distribution and stunting of surface cell microvilli6,7.
In our study, duration of DM showed significant correlation with type of DR, HbA1c level, CED, polymegethism and polymorphism.
Moreover, duration of DM was significantly correlated with type of DR, HbA1c level, CED, polymegethism and hexagonality.
The coefficient of variation represents the degree of variation in cell size also known as polymegethism [25].
Practitioners know that corneal metabolism suffers if there is not enough oxygen supply: microcysts, polymegethism, weakened tight epithelial junctions and new vessel growth are just some of the clinical manifestations.