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A person who has mastered multiple disciplines and/or arts
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There are many synergies between Polymath's proposition and our own, in that we are both striving to create simplified and compliant solutions."
So 'hakeems' were supposed to have mastered many disciplines and they usually knew several languages, which simply made them polymaths. A symbol of culture and traditional wisdom, a 'hakeem', in true sense of the word, is now extremely hard to come by.
Polymath works strategically with LeadBest to promote technical and regulatory standards.
Brown's polymath thinks he can foretell the future by examining a huge number of probable outcomes to a given set of circumstances.
Speaking of polymaths, I was honored to interview Robert Hirari, who discovered the pluripotent stem cell, was the past CEO of Celgene, and is now working with Craig Venter (first to sequence the full human genome) and Peter Diamandis (founder of the X prize and co-founder with Ray Kurzweil of Singularity University) at Human Longevity Institute.
A polymath develops an interdisciplinary perspective by attaining depth and breadth across multiple disciplines, leveraging the knowledge interface between functional areas to develop the interdisciplinary perspective faster.
The millennial looks up to polymaths who stand out from the rest,' Gonzalez says.
It = the equals sign, and its creator was the Tenby-born polymath Robert Recorde.
The Victorian polymath and trailblazer in the study of psychology (long before Freud) and heredity Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911) included a study of the achievements of the Clasper family in his groundbreaking book Hereditary Genius, published in 1869.
Just in the past year or so, important, document-based biographies of the seventeenth-century polymath and "proto-Egyptologist" Athanasius Kircher [1601/2-1680] and the influential American scholar James Henry Breasted [1865-1935] have appeared from major academic presses.
The conference on scientific and spiritual heritage of Ibn Sino, Persian polymath who is regarded as one of the most significant thinkers and writers of the Islamic Golden Age, took place in Bukhara, reports UzA.