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pertaining to several glands or their secretions.


Denoting several glands or their secretions.


Denoting several glands or their secretions.
Synonym(s): polyglandular.

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Q. My boy has diabetes. Recently he was diagnosed with vitiligo. What is it and what can be the reason for this? My boy has diabetes. recently he was diagnosed with vitiligo. Our doctor said that he hopes it not a polyglandular autoimmune syndrome. what is vitiligo and what does this big phrase (polyglandular autoimmune syndrome) mean?

A. Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder and the major cause of vitiligo is the autoimmunity. Some internal factor cause the destruction of melanocytes cell which produce the melanin a substance responsible for the coloration of skin. this lack of melanin infect results in <a href="http://www.antivitiligo.com/">white patch on skin</a> of hypo pigmentation.
Normally vitiligo is not related with other disease like diabetes. However a little inheritance may include in the occurence of vitiligo.

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