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To some extent, I am actually for polygamy but it's not for everyone," he said.
Further, the PIL also urged the top court to declare 'Nikah Halala' as rape under section 375 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and declare polygamy an offence under section of 494 of the IPC and also triple talaq, an offence under section 498 of the IPC.
Polygamy is not about men needing many wives but it's about women needing husbands.
It has also been observed that polygamy is becoming more and more popular than ever in the West.
Lawyer Rachmat Dwi Putranto, who deals with marriage matters, said polygamy is "not that easily achieved" as Indonesian courts will only give permission if the first wife is disabled, ill or cannot bear children.
Taking 'sexting' to the next level: Saudi marriage officials encourage polygamy via WhatsApp
The continued existence of polygamy in many countries has been attributed to the fact that some people still support it.
Beyond that, polygamy in the Bedouin sector contributes directly to the trafficking of women and the smuggling of women from Gaza and Jordan to Israel.
Khalid Mahmood, MP for Perry Barr, dubbed the sites stupid and warned of the dangers attached to polygamy.
Lowest on this list are polygamy, extramarital affairs, and cloning animals and humans.
JEDDAH: Although polygamy is a common practice in Saudi Arabia, several young people interviewed by Arab News are opposed to it and believe that less people are entering into these unions.