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Jacob et al noticed expansion of polyether impression material under dry condition.
The polyether ether ketone (PEEK) market is segmented on the basis of types, such as unfilled PEEK, glass filled PEEK, and carbon filled PEEK.
Key drivers of the polyether polyol market include increasing demand among end-user applications, ideal ingredient for coating applications, and growing demand of these chemicals observed across Asian countries.
Recovery time of FPUFs was tested according to GB/T 24451-2009 (low-resilience flexible polyether PU cellular plastics).
With a new understanding of how nature synthesises the six-membered rings, chemists may be able to develop new methods to produce polyether drugs with ease in the laboratory.
The power of green Graham added that although the polyether adhesives and sealants were initially popular because of their superior performance properties, its no-solvent chemistry has added to sales more recently.
However, the mercaptan-polysulfide had the same measures of inter-abutment distances as the polyether and addition or condensation silicones when an individual tray was used.
The filters incorporate Quadrafoam II media, a coated polyether urethane formulation with an open-pored cellular structure.
Stochem will use its nationwide network to distribute the complete range of BASF's Lupranate[R] isocyabates and Pluracol[R] polyether polyols.
The European Commission has given the green light to Bayer AG to take sole control over US-based manufacturer Lyondell Chemical Company's world-wide polyether polyols business, it confirmed on February 23.
To target bacterial films, the researchers added the antibiotic ciprofloxacin to a plastic called polyether urethane (PEU), a staple of medical devices.