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Current SC use appears to be part of a more extensive polydrug use repertoire involving other illegal drugs that are less prevalent among marijuana-only users.
Polydrug use in chemsex sessions is frequent, increasing the risks associated with the use of these drugs, in addition to the potential interactions between them and the antiretroviral treatments used by HIV-positive patients.
Experts have warned that polydrug use - where a cocktail of street drugs are mixed, possibly with prescription tablets like gabapentin or pregabalin - can be the critical factor that leads users to die suddenly.
Patterns of polydrug use in Great Britain: Findings from a national household population survey.
4,6-9] Drug use is often characterised by the polydrug use of inexpensive and accessible drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and volatiles such as glue, benzene and solvents.
It also reviews the scientific evidence on polydrug use, treatment demand for cannabis and developments since the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in some parts of the world.
Impact of HealthWise South Africa on polydrug use and high-risk sexual behavior.
First, medical marijuana use, along with marijuana de-criminalization and marijuana legalization in some States (the latter in Colorado and Washington), may have an impact on rates of alcohol use, co-use of alcohol and emerging tobacco products, and increased polydrug use of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco or nicotine-based products.
Information is also provided on New Psychoactive Substances (NPSs), polydrug use, alcohol use as well as both drug and alcohol related harm.
Nonmedical use of prescription stimulants among college students: associations with attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder and polydrug use.
Polydrug use, based on maternal UDS, was almost equally distributed as well.
No definitive evidence of increased fetal demise linked to amphetamine exposure exists, again because of other confounding factors such as polydrug use, lack of disclosure from the patient, maternal domestic stress, malnutrition, among others.