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She presented in near classical manner with polyuria (greater than three litres in 24 hours) and polydipsia due to the deficiency of arginine vasopressin (ADH).
These findings are pathognomonic for SIADH rather than primary polydipsia, which circumstance would result in maximally dilute urine with physiological suppression of AVP.
He was found to have low serum sodium of 126 and was diagnosed as being in GHB withdrawal with hyponatremia secondary to primary polydipsia (urine maximally dilute indicating no ADH activity), that is he had succeeded by drinking copious amounts of water in lowering his serum sodium.
For patients without frank symptoms of metabolic syndrome or diabetes at baseline, you should still keep a close eye out for symptoms suggestive of hyperglycemia, including polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia, and muscle weakness, Dr.
This behavior has been termed schedule-induced polydipsia (Falk, 1961).
Settings in which this is important include interruption of DDAVP therapy, psychogenic polydipsia, and drug-induced hyponatremia when the offending agent is stopped; these and other clinical scenarios are listed (Table 3).
Psychogenic polydipsia Case 3 Increased transferrin saturation Suggest repeat iron studies Normal ferritin ?
Effect of addition of ethanol and NaCl on saccharin + glucose polydipsia.
POLYDIPSIA, or excessive thirst, can be an important sign of disease in a cat and should not be ignored.
Staff are specifically trained to deal with aggression, polydipsia, self-mutilation and responses to hallucinations and delusional belief systems.
Renal and hepatic adverse effects, inhibition of coagulation, lethargy, and polydipsia have been reported at a lower frequency in clinical studies.