A clone descended from one or more small groups of cells, especially ones of genetically different origins.

pol′y·clo′nal adj.
pol′y·clo′nal·ly adv.
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The thrombin analyte was immobilized directly onto a nanogold-chitosan composite modified GC electrode surface, via a polyclone antibody.
The anti-CD137 polyclone antibody (Abcam, USA) was used to detect the monomer or polymer of CD137.
The polyclone antibodies against p-JAK2 and JAK2 were obtained from Millipore (Billerica, MA, USA), and COX2, p-STAT1 (Tyr 701), and STAT1 polyclone antibodies were purchased from SAB (Signalway Antibody company, College Park, MD, USA).
Rabbit anti-HMGB1 antibody, rabbit anti-mouse polyclone phosphor-NF-KB and phosphor-IKB-[alpha] antibodies were purchased from Biosynthesis Biotechnology Company (Beijing, P.R.China).
Similar results could be seen in the histological detection of collagen dye and immunohistochemical methods using the corresponding polyclone antibodies of IGF-I, TGF-[beta], and EGF.
The antibodies were, sequentially, rat monoclonal anti-BrdU (abcam, 1: 200), rat monoclonal anti-CD34 (Biolegend, 1:200), mouse monoclonal anti-NeuN (Millipore, 1:200), rabbit polyclonal anti-GFAP (Millipore, 1 : 1000), rabbit polyclone anti-Myeloperoxidase (abcam, 1: 100), DAPI (Sigma, 1: 1000), Alexa Flour 488-conjugated goat anti-mouse antibodies, Alexa Flour 488-conjugated donkey anti-rabbit antibodies, Alexa Flour 488-conjugated donkey anti-mouse antibodies, and the Alexa Flour 594-conjugated donkey anti-rat antibodies (Invitrogen).