A clone descended from one or more small groups of cells, especially ones of genetically different origins.

pol′y·clo′nal adj.
pol′y·clo′nal·ly adv.
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Rabbit anti-HMGB1 antibody, rabbit anti-mouse polyclone phosphor-NF-KB and phosphor-IKB-[alpha] antibodies were purchased from Biosynthesis Biotechnology Company (Beijing, P.
The fractionated proteins were electrophoretically transferred to an immobilon polyvinylidene difuride membrane and probed with rabbit anti-HMGB1, rabbit polyclone anti-phosphor-NF-KB and anti-phosphor-IKB-[alpha].
Similar results could be seen in the histological detection of collagen dye and immunohistochemical methods using the corresponding polyclone antibodies of IGF-I, TGF-[beta], and EGF.