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Pertaining to mRNA carrying information for the synthesis of more than one protein.
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miRNAs are encoded within intronic, intergenic regions or in polycistronic clusters [19, 23], and their biogenesis starts with a RNA polymerase II-dependent transcription of a primary transcript (pri-miRNA), which is then maturated by a nuclear microprocessor complex (RNase III Drosha and its mammalian double-stranded RNA-binding partner DGCR8).
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[67] who showed that E2 stimulated the relocation of ER[alpha] to mitochondria where it interacts with hydroxysteroid (17-[beta]) dehydrogenase 10 (HSD17B10 or HSD10), a multi-functional protein involved in steroid metabolism that is also a core subunit of the mitochondrial RNaseP complex responsible for the cleavage of mitochondrial polycistronic transcripts.
Prokaryotic mRNA molecules are often polycistronic encoding several different polypeptides.
SeraCare Life Sciences was then able to develop polycistronic plasmids containing target sequences of interest and produce those plasmids as multitarget positive spikes in order to test the VBDL's methods at multiple concentrations.
Other miRNA genes showing a common promoter include the 42-48% of all miRNAs originating from polycistronic units containing multiple discrete loops from which mature miRNAs are processed [64], although this does not imply that the mature miRNAs of a family will be homologous in structure and function.
They are located on two different polycistronic miRNA clusters on chromosomes 11 (hsa-miR125b-1) and 21 (hsa-miR-125b-2), harbouring miR-100/let-7a2/miR-125b-1 and miR-99a/let-7c/miR-125b-2, respectively [30].
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