polybasic acid

pol·y·ba·sic ac·id

an acid containing more than three ionizable atoms of hydrogen in the molecule. See: acid (1).
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An unsaturated polyester resin system consists of a resin formed by the partial reaction of a polybasic alcohol with a saturated or unsaturated polybasic acid, and a monomer, which dissolves that resin and acts as the crosslinking or thermosetting agent.
Polyols prepared from palm oil were reacted with carboxy-functional acrylic copolymer instead of di-or polybasic acids to produce acrylic alkyd resin.
Polybasic acids play an important role in biological and industrial processes and accurate knowledge of their properties is therefore required.
Tertiary alcohols would lead to optimum hydrolytic stability, but secondary alcohols are commercially available and are more reactive with the polybasic acids used in alkyd polymers.