pollen extract

pol·len ex·tract

liquid obtained by extracting the protein from the pollen of plants used for diagnostic testing or treatment.
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Rye grass pollen extract is made from three types of grass pollen: rye, timothy, and corn.
Honey and pollen extract are integral and common components of its products, each of which is formulated to relieve dryness, eliminate shine and leave the head feeling clean, fresh and smooth, Fisher said.
Rye flower pollen extract reduces lower urinary- tract symptoms by selectively inhibiting the growth of prostate cells and effectively treating BPH.
Choi, Antinociceptive and Antiinflammatory Activities of Pine (Pinus densiflora) Pollen Extract, Phytother.
In 2014, the FDA approved 3 sublingual tablets, 1 containing 5 grass pollen extracts (Oralair) and another containing 1 grass (Timothy) pollen extract (Grastek).
However, the stay in open arms was significantly shorter with 200 mg/kg dose and significantly longer with other doses (except 400 mg/kg dose) of bee pollen extract compared to diazepam (Figure 1).
[6] In the first season of therapy, immunotherapy with single-species grass pollen extract reduced symptoms and medication requirements in subjects with persistent moderate-severe allergic rhinitis inadequately controlled with standard drug therapy.
So what about that bee pollen extract that inspired Harkin to start the Office of Alternative Medicine to begin with ?
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of pine pollen extract in vitro.
Key words: Palm pollen extract, protective activities, murine coccidiosis, cytotoxic damage, oxidative damage.
Victoria, Australia, Aug 31, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - Connell Brothers (CBC), the largest specialty chemicals and ingredients marketer and distributor in Asia-Pacific, announced today that, effective September 1, 2015, it is appointed to manage the sale and distribution of Graminex(R)'s products in Australia and New Zealand, including finished goods and ingredients, such as flower pollen extract, saw palmetto and cranberry.