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This important discovery can be used as a foray into more commercial studies focused on providing means to enhance a bee's pollination ability- the bigger the pollen basket, the more pollen that can be packed in it and transported back to the hive.
At the end of collection, the pollen basket had to be filled with pollen, ball-shaped yellowish.
Snowdrop pollen is bright orange and the bees reverse out with their little pollen baskets full of the orange 'dust', making them very noticeable as they work the flowerbeds.
In bumble bees, which are in the same family as honey bees, queens have pollen baskets similar to workers.
After a foraging expedition, these `corbiculae', or pollen baskets, can be seen stuffed full of bright orange or yellow pollen.
There were hairs all over his body and pollen baskets on his hind legs.