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To make a tooth or dental restoration smoother and glossier, usually by the action of friction.
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There are around 600 to 700 gold refiners and polishers in Sarafa Bazar of Peshawar who are engage in this practice of processing gold by burning it in Nitric and Sulfuric acid,' informs Abdur Rehman, a goldsmith.
Because this compound is designed to remove more material, never apply it with a polisher.
According to the company, the polisher is equipped with a firm, latex-free cup that comes to a complete point for interproximal access and polishing precision.
The following presents the results of experiments that were carried out to qualify three of these polishers (LC-Pak, VOC-Pak, and EDS-Pak from EMD Millipore), and includes GC-MS and LC-MS data demonstrating their efficiency in eliminating contaminants specific to the application for which they were intended.
Do they also look after the furniture at Buckingham Palace or is there another small army of polishers grinning at their reflections in the palace furniture?
French polishers can carry out simple repairs, although a cabinet maker or restorer would deal with more complex work.
A new 'economy' version of the vegetable brush polisher is being introduced by Tong Peal for the smaller pre packer.
An expert silver polisher is retiring after three decades in the business.
NamGem employs some 110 local craftsmen trained as gem cutters and polishers.
has unveiled Colgate Whitening toothbrush with unique soft polishers that are said to remove stains and polish teeth.
The sugar crystals in the polishers slough away dead skin while essential oils in the balm smother the new layer of skin in goodness.