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To make a tooth or dental restoration smoother and glossier, usually by the action of friction.
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Use it with your DA polisher to remove light scratches and swirls and to bring the finish to a uniform gloss.
The TPS-Pro Polisher is our most effective independent polishing system ever, featuring the latest technologies and energy-efficient processes ensuring a quiet and efficient unit," commented Charlie Rich, Export Sales Manager at Tong Peal.
The Classic Pointed Polishers are all latex-free and come in packages of 100, while the individual points (for use on metal angles) are color-coded as either gray (natural rubber) or blue (latex-free), and come packaged in 144-count quantities.
Ultrapure water further purified by this liquid chromatography (LC) polisher can be used in UHPLC, LC-MS or LC-MS/MS analytical techniques, for preparation of eluents, blanks and standards, as well as for glassware rinsing and sample preparation steps.
As a French polisher you could be self-employed or work for a furniture restorer, antique dealer or large furniture manufacturers.
The polisher then pains- takingly removes every scratch and imperfection.
Robots work at approximately the same cycle time as a skilled manual polisher but without breaks.
Antonio's career as a qualified diamond polisher and gemologist has taken him from South Africa to Zambia to The Netherlands, but his passion for cooking has brought him to Caerphilly where he has recently joined the Bella Capri team.
We present a case of a diamond polisher who developed occupational asthma as a result of prolonged exposure to various potent and well-recognized asthma-inducing agents, including cobalt dust.
and Powell Lawton, PhD, senior research scientist, Polisher Research Institute, Philadelphia Geriatric Center.
Despite continuing research support for its use since being introduced, the air polisher has not been widely used.
as Clinton shoe polisher James Carville muses about what turns up when you "wave $100 bills in a trailer park"; they roust White House travel office manager Billy Dale into federal court, and after an angry jury acquits him in a matter of minutes, Hillary-and-Bill mouthpiece Robert Bennett brands him as an incompetent and slothful target of appropriate disciplinary action.