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To make a tooth or dental restoration smoother and glossier, usually by the action of friction.
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"Many Pakwan Houses in Sukkur and other cities have switched to steel cauldrons, because utensil polishers are not available easily.
** Universal composite diamond impregnated polishers are indicated for universal prepolishing of composite restorations
Use it with your DA polisher to remove light scratches and swirls and to bring the finish to a uniform gloss.
Available in a 14-brush model featuring a 3m x 800mm barrel as well as an 18 brush model with a 3m x 1050mm barrel, the TPS-Pro Polisher provides outputs of between 15-30 tonnes/hr and can be specified as a stand along model or retro fitted into an existing static line.
French polishers can carry out simple repairs, although a cabinet maker or restorer would deal with more complex work.
Another gentle but effective exfoliator is Clarins' Body Polisher, left.
Mothers PowerBall ($25) is a specially designed polisher that hooks onto your cordless drill and shines up chrome, stainless steel, and even plastic.
An expert silver polisher is retiring after three decades in the business.
The evaluation of Nova's in-line Copper metrology system on an Applied Mirra Mesa polisher was conducted for six months at ST's Crolles site using its copper production process and production wafers.
Robots work at approximately the same cycle time as a skilled manual polisher but without breaks.
But he was forced to pay full tuition fees - pounds 1,100 a year - because his parents, Stephen, a French polisher, and Laurel, an occupational therapist, earn a joint annual income of pounds 30,000.