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To make a tooth or dental restoration smoother and glossier, usually by the action of friction.
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Daniel said: "Often people polish off the first two steaks quite quickly.
With the very able apprentice Liam Keniry reducing the burden by 5lb, Polish Off could well add a shine to his syndicate of 40 owners.
The seven-year-old entire had gained all his previous wins over shorter but he saw out the trip thoroughly under David Nolan to get the better of Welsh Wind and Polish Off in a finish of short heads.
The Lakers probably wished they'd drawn a less frightening foe for the first of as many as four playoff rounds, a team they could polish off quickly and easily.
Jewell's position as Derby chief is under threat but he saw his side polish off an impressive spell of pressure with Green's 40th minute goal.
But from 1-1, Forest were flying and hammered home eight more to polish off a 9-1 victory.
Photo: Cesar Rosas, left, and Flaco Jimenez polish off old tunes and give them '90s arrangements on the supergroup Los Super Seven's self-titled CD.
Melrose reckon a Kiwi star can help them polish off the Tennents Premiership title.
RAFAEL Van Der Vaart (left) says he'll wash all his team-mates cars if they win the Bundesliga so HAMBURG will want to polish off Wolfsburg.
The judges scored it unanimously 120-109, 120-109, 120-108 to Williams but this was the first time he had ever needed more than four rounds to polish off a victim.
Common convention holds that Traylor, who is amazingly mobile for someone built like a Bel-Air mansion, will polish off the sixth-seeded Bruins faster than he did the two bags of potato chips he inhaled shortly after sitting down to watch UCLA's 65-62 first-round win over the Hurricanes.

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