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To make a tooth or dental restoration smoother and glossier, usually by the action of friction.
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With the very able apprentice Liam Keniry reducing the burden by 5lb, Polish Off could well add a shine to his syndicate of 40 owners.
Barry Hills always has his team ready to score at the first time of asking at Town Moor and Polish Off can do just that to his rivals in the Badsworth Maiden Stakes.
JOHN DARKER and Les Dines aim to polish off the opposition as franchisees with cleaning firm Dublcheck.
FORMER cleaner Russell Martin is ready to polish off a Premier League and Scotland double.
He claims to be the son of Cou nt Roma n Emi l j a n Dambski, a Polish off icer stat ioned at Paderewsk i Hospital in Edinburgh between 1940 and 1947.
They then struggled to polish off Ireland's part-timers for 218 to secure a victory by 48 runs.
ANYONE still struggling to polish off the Christmas turkey was advised today to throw it to the birds.
IAN MILLARVIE has just three rounds under his belt as a professional but his manager, Tommy Gilmour jr, is so convinced of the Hamilton heavyweight's potential that he's already arranged to send him to the States to polish off some of his rough edges.
It takes only a few bites to polish off the 420 to 550 calories in each three-inch-diameter sandwich.
The Lakers probably wished they'd drawn a less frightening foe for the first of as many as four playoff rounds, a team they could polish off quickly and easily.
HUNGRY diners can eat a slap-up steak dinner for free - if they can polish off four pounds of meat and all the trimmings.

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