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The insured; a person who is covered by the insurance policy.
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The following belief supports the equilibrium: each policyholder believes that his general-risk type is low ([T.
Biders such as accelerated death benefits allow terminally or chronically ill policyholders to get cash value out faster.
They will decide the appeal and advise the policyholder of its decision within 60 days.
Because the potential gains are realized only over the long haul, long-term commitment by the policyholders is essential.
The lesson from this incident should be that policyholders must look out for their own interests because no one else will
According to the Group, a review of the plan confirms the Group's worst fears: the OCI has failed to fulfill its statutory obligation to protect the rights of all policyholders with this Plan.
While competition was a consideration in making our decision, the most important factor was our policyholders.
Mercer has twice rejected our proposal which would pay on average more than $500 to each policyholder for each policy owned," Mr.
The paid-loss basis occurs when the insurance company charges the policyholder an additional premium based on funds the insurance company has actually expended on the policyholder's behalf.
2d 1377 (1981), passing vehicles were damaged by the overspray of paint used while the policyholder was spray-painting a bridge.
The policyholder vote will be tabulated, and the company will certify to the Director whether the plan was approved by at least two-thirds of the policyholders voting.