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To put into a state of polarization.
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PVDF films were immersed in silicon oil and located between top and bottom electrodes, while the polarizing electric field was enhanced gradually with the increasing of temperature [14].
3]He polarizing (analyzing) NSF: the transmission [T.
3M will supply its Vikuiti advanced polarizing film to Nitto Denko, which will manufacture the new products by combining the film with its own polarizer film for LCD panel makers.
Professional photographers have relied on polarizing filters to clean up noisy light and reflections for decades.
This scheme allows the full power of the laser to be incident on OPC2, and can be constructed without the use of large area polarizing optics.
Polarcor W I D E band polarizing glass compliments Corning's other polarizer product offerings which include standard Polarcor(TM) and Polarcor(TM) UltraThin(TM) polarizing glass products," stated Tara Dowdell, Corning Polarcor product line manager.
Corning's entire Photonic Materials product portfolio, including various specialty fibers, polarizing glass, GRIN lenses, lensed fiber, photosensitive glass and other specialty materials, will be on exhibit during the Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) conference February 24-26 in Los Angeles, California.
The surgeon views crisp, clear images through a pair of lightweight polarizing glasses, thus eliminating the use of heavy headsets and goggles.
The new product is a two-in-one combination of polarizing film with polarization conversion film for LCDs that selectively reflects and recycles the backlight of LCD panels to enhance brightness without compromising the viewing angle or color reproduction characteristics.
operating under the name Younger Optics ("Younger"), today announced the signing of a license agreement under which Vision-Ease has granted to Younger a license to its polycarbonate polarizing patent portfolio.
LCDs essentially consist of a thin liquid crystal layer sandwiched between transparent electrodes and two polarizing sheets whose axes are crossed at right angles.
Vision-Ease's suit states that Younger's polycarbonate polarizing lenses, including those marketed under the NuPolar(R) trademark, infringe on Vision-Ease's United States Patent No.