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To put into a state of polarization.
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After several attempts and sleepless nights, Edwin's dream finally comes true: he fine tunes his invention, the polarizing filter.
Therefore, in this article the polarizing treatments of PVDF including thermal poling under DC field in silicon oil and corona charging were described.
The company presently has LCD-related materials facilities in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, with a particular focus on polarizing film.
There are a couple of things that I'm thinking about that will be potentially as polarizing as 'Solaris' that deal with subjects in a way that will make a lot of demands of the audience and ask them to expand their ideas of what you can do in a movie.
1, pattern 2) was constructed of orthogonally set square pieces of linearly polarizing filter with an adhesive backing (Frank Wooley & Co.
Bacik acknowledges that his university setting might be atypical of the average parish, and that squabbles over some polarizing issues do occur.
Funderburg: What will keep people from resorting to polarizing comments or attacks - which may be human nature even if they're trying to have Commonplace conversations?
The products include the 3M digital media system 710 projector, the 3M anti-glare and polarizing lamp, 3M safety shoes, and the 3M Omino Scotch tape dispenser.
The analyzing power of the detector can be defined by the polarizing ratio:
When researchers set up polarizing filters to shift the moonbeams, the African beetle Scarabaeus zambesianus changed direction to compensate, says Marie Dacke of the University of Lund in Sweden.
said the votes needed to convict Clinton are not there and that ``lengthening this trial will only prolong and deepen the divisive, bitter and polarizing effect this sorry affair has visited upon our nation.
Ohio) placed in series with a linear polarizing filter (Polaroid, HN38S, serving as an analyzer) fixed at the horizontal (0 [degrees]) orientation.