polar zone

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po·lar zone

the region in the vicinity of an electrode applied to the body.
See also: electrotonus.
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The imaging time is 16 h per day over the polar zone, which is required to obtain uninterrupted coverage from a two-satellite system.
First, a warmer Arctic reduces the temperature gradient between the temperate and polar zones.
In the end, we have found the granular structure more notable and easy to distinguish in the middle of the disc than near the limb, and in the zones near the sun's equator, more than in the polar zones.
The lack of meteorological ground stations in polar zones impedes forecasting in more temperate latitudes, because their weather is influenced by events in the Arctic and Antarctic.
In much the way magnetospheric electrons hitting Earth's polar zones cause auroras, these ions were thought to generate X-rays by colliding with the Jovian atmosphere.