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poise (P),

(poyz, pwahz),
In the CGS system, the unit of viscosity equal to 1 dyne-second per square centimeter and to 0.1 pascal-second.
[J.-L. M. Poiseuille]


Etymology: Jean L.M. Poiseuille, French physiologist, 1799-1869
a unit of liquid or gas (fluid) viscosity expressed in terms of grams per centimeter per second (g × cm-1 × sec-1). The centipoise, or 1/100 of a poise, is more commonly used.


In the CGS system, the unit of viscosity equal to 1 dyne-second per square centimeter and to 0.1 pascal-second.
[J.-L. M. Poiseuille]


Jean Léonard Marie, French physiologist and physicist, 1797-1869.
poise - the unit of viscosity equal to 1 dyne-second per square centimeter and to 0.1 pascal-second.
Poiseuille equation
Poiseuille law - describes the volume flow rate of a liquid through a tube.
Poiseuille space - Synonym(s): still layer
Poiseuille viscosity coefficient - an expression of the viscosity as determined by the capillary tube method.


n in the Alexander technique, the term given to the expansive movement resulting from practice of the technique. See also technique, Alexander.


the unit of viscosity of a liquid; the number of grams per centimeter per second. Centipoise, 0.01 poise, is the standard unit used.
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