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1. specific parts of the conformation.
2. restricted areas of color. In dogs this refers to contrasting coloring over the eyes, on the face, legs and feet. In cats it is the face, ears, feet and tail and is used to describe the pigmentation pattern seen in Siamese, e.g. seal-point, blue-point, tabby-point, etc.

points of the horse
a list of the outstanding anatomical landmarks of the animal which are used as guiding points when judging the quality of the animal's conformation. This is used mostly in show judging. The list is usually expressed in lay terms such as muzzle, pastern, hock.

Patient discussion about points

Q. what is the difference between tender points and trigger points. I read somewhere in the net that there are two points called tender and trigger points which are one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Is that true? If so what is the difference between tender points and trigger points?

A. What you have read about tender and trigger points are true. A tender point hurts to the touch and causes some degree of pain in that area, while a trigger point may not necessarily be painful to the touch but causes a degree of pain to be felt in another area. Fibromyalgia patients typically have a number of tender points and, according to the American College of Rheumatology, the diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia stipulates that an FMS sufferer should have pain upon palpation (i.e. touch) in eleven of the generally accepted eighteen tender points. A tender point is verified in a physical examination in which approximately nine pounds of pressure are applied by touch and the patient acknowledges that pain is felt.

Q. can Autism appears in any point in life?

A. not really no, ether you diagnose it at the age of 3 or it's not there.

Q. My aunty who is suffering from fibromyalgia feels the position of painful tender/trigger points moves. My aunty who is suffering from fibromyalgia feels the position of painful tender points /trigger points moves. The pain moves. For this reason, pain cannot be bound to specific points. Can anybody help?

A. It’s a usual feeling faced by most. Really you will get more help from this community. We recommend you to consider neurophysiology and neuropsychology which can help you to understand the problem and the quality of pathological inference and its central representation.

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Redondo Union 49, Saugus 31: Joylyn Ichiyama scored 18 points as second-seeded Redondo Union beat Saugus.
The team with the most points will be the King of the Road.
Percentage of critical points provided an index of the percentage of major and supporting points presented in the lecture that were included in the students' notes.
No-points mortgages are great at helping people who have cash-flow problems at closing, but it's a concession you'll pay for in the long run," Bader points out.
Until recently, points paid by a property seller generally were not deductible as interest because they were not considered paid directly by the taxpayer.
The amount paid must conform to an established business practice and the amount of points charged must not exceed the amount generally charged in the area.
Harold Cleveland scored 26 points for Muir, and Gerrell Finney added 20.
The points must be computed as a percentage of the stated principal amount of debt incurred by the taxpayer-buyer, not calculated on the sales price.
Also described were loans on which points are not deductible:
Ventura 71, Royal 60: Robert Fischer led all scorers with 23 points for Royal of Simi Valley, but his efforts weren't nearly enough against fifth-seeded and host Ventura (22-5) in a first-round game.
In addition, points paid by the seller (including points charged to the seller) will be treated as paid directly by the borrower, provided the borrower subtracts such points from the purchase price of the residence.
Dunwoody scored a career-high 35 points, Spencer added 16 points, Surratt added 13 and Broadous 12 for the Cougars.