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The success of Pointless, and more recently Two Tribes, means Osman is regularly recognised ("you go to a pub quiz and everyone wants to beat you.
I think I'll stick to my daily tea-time helping of Pointless and its quick-fire banter on BBC One instead.
Surely there must always be a pointless answer or the show is pointless, if you get my drift?
The calendar was devised by the author of Pointless Sites, Ian Andrew, who thought it was a good idea at the time
Given how easily the City Council has thwarted the City Ethics Commission, it seems pointless to even have the agency at all.
This book, a 192 page paperback, put out in 2001, a year after Thomas himself died of cancer, by the Citadel Press, however, could not be more pointless, despite its grandiose subtitle: The Best Obituaries >From Legendary New York Times Writer Robert McG.
Moreover, citing the $30 billion cumulative subsidy is misleading when the annual subsidy paid to Amtrak is pretty small compared to the vast amounts of pointless road subsidies paid every year.
Letter-writing campaigns, petitions, demonstrations are some of the ways we enact that duty and they are not pointless.
ALL ABSTRACT ART IS DIFFERENT, and it is pointless to generalize.
Its name may be misleading, but thanks to POINTLess from Impact Labs, PowerPoint presentations are now easier to create, store, and distribute.
Mats Ek's Pointless Pastures offered a lighter but still brilliant moment.