pointed objects

poin·ted ob·jects

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Scratches on sacrificial animals' skins by nails, metallic wires, thorns and other pointed objects affect the price and inflict immense loss to the industry.
Cotton-tipped swabs, bobby pins, keys or sharp pointed objects should never be used for ear cleaning.
Threat assessment indicates that the equipment in the riot control concept shall provide protection against: Blows and kicks, Throwing of objects such as bricks, stones and Molotov cocktails with nitric acid and diesel, Adhesive fluid such as oil, Zalo (detergent) and paint, Use of pointed objects such as sticks and clubs with long spikes on the top, Use of slingshots with hard bullets, fragmentation bombs, broken glass and chains.
The Abu Dhabi police informed us of several incidents where fires were caused due to forcing a two--pin model into three-pin sockets using pens or sharp pointed objects," he explained.
The Llanfairfechan woman describes this in simple terms as the "grandmother of acupuncture" and for those with a phobia of sharp pointed objects, the beauty of it is there's no needles involved.
Keep all sharp or pointed objects out of your child's hands, and educate them on the importance of carrying items like scissors point-end down when transporting them.
Airport authorities hope to raise awareness of the new security measures, which require any sharp or pointed objects which could be used as weapons to be packed in suitcases and stored in the baggage hold.
Without facing the issue head on, the University of Mississippi might have banned use of the Confederate flag during sporting events by banning sticks and other pointed objects from athletic events.
Potentially lethal items include belts, ties, pocketknives, pens, and other sharp or pointed objects.
The standard is limited to ballistic resistance only and does not address resistance from knives or other sharply pointed objects.
Insp Gary Ashton said: ``As part of our strategy of reducing incidents of violence, this initiative is aimed at removing knives and sharply pointed objects from the streets.