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 [kam´er-ah] (pl. ca´merae, cameras) (L.)
a cavity or chamber.
Anger camera the original form of gamma camera. Because the Anger camera is by far the most frequently used type of gamma (or scintillation) camera today, the terms are often used interchangeably.
gamma camera (scintillation camera) an electronic instrument that produces photographs or cathode-ray tube images of the gamma ray emissions from organs containing tracer compounds. The original and most commonly used version is the Anger c.
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, pl.




(kam'er-ă, -ē, ăz), [TA]
2. A closed box; especially one containing a lens, shutter, and light-sensitive film or plates for photography.
[L. a vault]
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, pl. camerae (kam'ĕr-ă, -ē, -ăz) [TA]
1. A closed box; one containing a lens, shutter, and light-sensitive film or digital medium for photography.
2. anatomy Any chamber or cavity, such as one of the chambers of the heart or eye.
[L. a vault]
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