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Peripheral blood smear showed predominantly normocytic, normochromic RBCs with small numbers of teardrop poikilocytes and nucleated RBCs.
Peripheral blood smear showed predominantly normocytic, normochromic, red cells, no nucleated RBCs and small numbers of teardrop poikilocytes. There were no abnormal WBCs and platelets were moderately reduced.
(5.) Rodgers MS, Cheng C, Kass L Elliptocytes and tailed poikilocytes correlate with severity of iron-deficiency anemia.
Complete hemogram shows Normocytic normochromic anemia with sickle cells, poikilocytes, target cells, fragmented RBC and no haemoparasites.
It is much easier to classify 100 individual cells and identify a few red cell poikilocytes than to make an educated decision about whether relevant findings are present.
* Review abnormal poikilocytes as well as update and agree on terminology, redefine it as needed, and match it to abnormal disease conditions.