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the specialized field dealing with the study and care of the foot, including its anatomy, pathology, medical and surgical treatment, and other aspects. adj., adj podiat´ric.
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The specialty concerned with the diagnosis and/or medical, surgical, mechanical, physical, and adjunctive treatment of the diseases, injuries, and defects of the human foot.
[pod- + G. iatreia, medical treatment]
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The field of healthcare dedicated to understanding the anatomy, mechanics and pathology of the foot, and the diagnosis and treatment of its diseases
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I look back now and think 'how did I dare to do that.'" Podology was runnerup for the Professional Beauty Awards last year - and is hoping to take home a trophy next time.
Laura started Podology eight years ago, taking on a second chiropodist a year later.
"It's now Podology healthcare for feet and Beautypod as we do all the usual beauty treatments as well as a range of different pedicures," says Laura, who took on a full-time receptionist in January.
STEPPING OUT: It's vital to wear the right shoes BE KIND TO YOUR FEET: Chiropodist Laura Dicken, of Saltburn's Podology, with son Alastair, four
Podology has two full-time chiropodists and is taking on a receptionist and another part-time chiropodist.
When premises in Milton Street, Saltburn, became available Laura, who is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, opened her own clinic called Podology.
When premises in Milton Street, Saltburn, became available she opened Podology, a podiatry and chiropody clinic.