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Grey, even Harry Potter in days gone by, has been replaced by mass listening to the likes of smash-hit podcast, Serial, or BBC R4's Desert Island Discs, or comedian Adam Buxton's conversations with other comedians.
To help rectify this, Anghami has launched a dedicated Middle East Forum for podcasting and hosted the first ever Middle East Podcast Forum Conference, held in September in Dubai.
Google Podcasts is a new way for Android users to discover and listen to the world's podcasts.
In "The Law Entrepreneur" ( podcast, Neil Tyra covers the business end of law.
As host of the Technophiles Podcast, David Geisler has followed technology and gaming from the first iPhone reveal to the release of the Nintendo Switch.
Design the cover image--Create an image file saved as either a .JPG or .PNG and sized 3000x3000 pixels to be used as the cover for your podcast. If you need inspiration, check out other podcast cover images at the Podcast Gallery (
In that regard, the Google Podcasts app is hands down a winner.
But it isn't just Murderinos who want to tell everyone about their favorite podcasts. "96% said they had recommended a podcast to a friend.
Podcast #4: Marketing Over Coffee
And if you are into adventure stories with a comic touch, this podcast is especially for you.
Use these podcasts to inspire teachers and children to create their own class programs.
Last summer, Gimlet's Startup, a podcast about the origins of Gimlet Media and other ventures, was optioned for a pilot by ABC with Zach Braff as the lead.