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a depression or hollow.
glaucomatous cup a depression of the optic disk due to persistently increased intraocular pressure, broader and deeper than a physiologic cup, and occurring first at the temporal side of the disk.
physiologic cup excavation of optic disk.


1. An excavated or hollowed structure, either anatomic or pathologic. Synonym(s): poculum
2. Synonym(s): cupping glass
[A.S. cuppe]


An excavated or cup-shaped structure, either anatomic or pathologic.
[A.S. cuppe]


An excavated or hollowed structure, either anatomic or pathologic.
[A.S. cuppe]

Patient discussion about cup

Q. I know I’m supposed to drink 8-10 cups of water a day – but I feel it’s too much for me. I try to drink 8 cups a day but I just can’t continue with it long, I just find myself going to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Any idea?

A. when people thought of this genius theory of drinking 10 cups a day they didn’t take in consideration the amount of water we get from our food, the idea that people working construction need more then 8 cups, that people that work in an air conditioned office and don’t tend to move around too much don’t perspire as well as construction workers. They just took the average data- we loose this amount of water, so we need to replace it. You should listen to your body and not to wise guys.

Q. Is it true that more cups of coffee can help avoid snack attacks?? I love having a snack between meals- but way too much. Is it true that black coffee can replace the feeling that a snack gives and even calm the fake hunger feeling for a while??

A. fruits- not very dietetic but at least healthy. carrots can be a good idea too. if you'll eat healthy snacks during the day you won't eat much at lunch and dinner time.

Q. how many 1. calories 2. good vs bad fat 3. protein does 1 cup of whole milk have compared to 1 cup of almonds?

A. Each almond has 7 calories. A cup of almonds has 680 calories, Total Fat: 60g, out of which 3.9g are Saturated Fat (=bad fat), Carbs: 24g, Protein: 24g.
1 cup of 2% milk has 130 calories, Total Fat: 5g, out of which 3g are Saturated Fat (=bad fat), Carbs: 13g, Protein: 8g.
Here is the nutrition value of different kinds of milk as well:

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Condemned to hang by King Sigar, Hagbarth is served a final drink (in Saxo's words a letale poculum) by the king's wife, then submits to a heroic death.
Although the foregoing arguments leave much unsettled, they do effectively demonstrate that the poculum mortis and expressions like it functioned as popular metaphors for death in a variety of ancient and medieval literatures, and that any number of models could conceivably have influenced the Guthlac B poet's representation of Eve's biter drync.
Ac si humano generi non verbis Dominus, sed rebus dicat: De qua manu vobis illatus est potus mortis, de ipsa suscipite poculum vitae.
The small poculum of males, which is smaller than the basal portion of abdominal sternum IX (Figs 4, 6, 9) is shared with Pseudosermyle, but while it is typically cup-shaped in Paracalynda, conspicuous specializations of the poculum are seen in the latter genus.
Males also resemble some of the larger and more slender representatives of Pseudosermyle, but frequently differ by the typically incurving cerci (specialized in Pseudosermyle), which bear a interobasal spine, and larger unspecialized poculum.
4); somewhat smaller poculum; more prominent basal protuberance of sternum X and relatively longer and more slender cerci, the cerci having the interobasal spine slightly shorter but broader than in utilaensis (Fig.
Poculum moderately convex and cup-like in basal portion, the apical half gradually flattened and longitudinally carinate and the posterior margin narrowed and entire; roughly reaching to posterior margin of abdominal tergum IX (Fig.
Vomer very small, pointed apically and hardly reaching to posterior margin of poculum. Poculum moderately convex and cup-like in basal portion, the apical half flattened and carinate longitudinally, the posterior margin narrowly rounded with a very small median indentation and roughly reaching to posterior margin ofabdominal tergum IX (Fig.
Males of the first three genera are characteristic for the long apical appendage of the poculum, while those of the latter genus are not known.
138) misinterpreted the tube-like posterior extension of the poculum as an elongated female subgenital plate and failed in recognizing the true systematic position of the genus, stating it was an intermediate between Otocrania and Cladomorphus.