pocket dosimeter

pock·et do·si·me·ter

(pok'ĕt dō-sim'ĕ-tĕr)
Small ionization chamber that provides an immediate reading of radiation exposure.
See also: film badge
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A pocket dosimeter has an ionization chamber, an eye piece, a transparent scale, a hollow charging rod and both a fixed and moveable fiber.
Monitoring is performed with personnel dosimeters such as pocket dosimeters, film badges and thermoluminescent dosimeters.
Although film badges have been in use for approximately 60 years, they largely have been replaced by pocket dosimeters. While film badges are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, they have limitations.
The executive in his 50s, who works for a company based in Fukushima Prefecture, told around 10 plant workers to attach the plates to the alarm pocket dosimeters that the utility known as TEPCO had provided them with to monitor their radiation exposure, the sources said.
Pocket ionization chambers, also known as pocket dosimeters, are the most sensitive of all personnel dosimeters.
(12) The accuracy and sensitivity of pocket dosimeters make them ideal monitoring devices for procedures that are of relatively short duration.