pocket depth

pock·et depth

(pokĕt depth)
Measurement in millimeters of the depth from the gingival margin to the epithelial attachment in unhealthy gingival tissue; usually consists of depths greater than 3 mm. pocket
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This process effectively reduces pocket depth to allow both patient and dentist to have better access to the affected area.
The collected data involved the assessment of plaque index, gingival index, probing pocket depth and the assessment of clinical attachment level.
Clinically, nonsurgical periodontal treatment in terms of scaling and root planing was shown to be an effective treatment procedure, and transient bacteraemia was not associated with clinical problems in patients undergoing HAART; pocket depth reductions could be observed in comparable dimensions in HIV-infected patients compared to non-HIV-infected patients within one year after treatment and consecutive supportive periodontal care in a comparative study [14].
About the pocket depth, it decreases with the increasing of scanning speed and hatch distance, while it increases when the number of repetition increases, according to Fig.
Over the course of 12 weeks, researchers measured the probing pocket depth, which is the distance from the gum line to the bottom of the tiny "pocket" between gum and tooth root.
The probing pocket depth was measured at six locations around the implants.
Periodontal reassessment consisting of pocket depth, bleeding on probing, and mobility was carried out at 2 months and 6 months, and periapical radiographs (paralleling technique with holders) were repeated on those sites that were associated with infrabony defects, at a minimum of 12 months after treatment.
The congenital anomalies frequency was found to be directly associated with amniotic fluid pocket depth (AFPD) values.
This technique identifies a pocket depth of 2-8 cm as normal, 1-2 cm as marginal, less than 1 cm as decreased, and greater than 8 cm as increased2.