Containing air.
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36) The lateral sphenoid cephalocele can be further divided into type 1 (which herniates into a pneumatized lateral recess, may simulate a retention cyst on CT, and may present with CSF leak and headache) and type 2 (which herniates into or through the greater wing of the sphenoid bone and may present with seizure or headache).
Computed tomography (CT) of the sinuses revealed a pneumatized superior turbinate (figure, A) and an ostium that opened toward the superior meatus (figure, B).
can come up with his traditional but unique formulation of 'the Church pneumatized by the Spirit of the risen Christ'" (Peter C.
38) That could cause additional difficulties for osteosynthesis in pneumatized bones (eg, humeral fractures) because the disparity between the thread pitch and thickness of the cortex is even greater.
Juveniles exhibit large skull windows that slowly pneumatize resulting in small windows being visible in some FCF individuals post-PF; skulls in all DCB individuals are completely pneumatized.
Here my proposal is similar to that of Leonardo Boff who suggests as a theologoumenon that the Holy Spirit pneumatized or spiritualized her to such intensification that we may "deduce a mission proper to the Holy Spirit, that is, a personal (hypostatic) self-communication to the Virgin Mary.
Pneumatized inferior turbinate: Report of three cases.
68) The humerus is the only pneumatized bone of the avian thoracic limb.
AHYs were also identified by their fully pneumatized skulls; skulls of HYs were incompletely pneumatized (Pyle 1997).
The classic theory holds that a hemorrhage occurs as a result of an obstruction of ventilation in pneumatized bone.
What appeared to be a pneumatized uncinate process was also found (figure, D) together with a widely patent drainage pathway from the maxillary sinus (figure, E).
At the time of surgery the large, pneumatized structure in the middle meatus on the left nasal cavity was found to be the uncinate process (figure, C).