Containing air.
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Computed tomography has been shown to be a more-sensitive method to diagnose mild or subtle cases of rhinosinusitis than conventional radiography and allows for more-accurate and -detailed imaging of the pneumatized spaces of the avian skull.
SCG was found in all three types of crista galli written above, but in different proportions: pneumatized type I - 9/205 (4.39 %) cases; pneumatized type II - 27/205 (13.17 %) cases; pneumatized type III - 11/205 (5.36 %) cases.
The septum may sometimes be pneumatized. The middle turbinate may show a sharp bend laterally, instead of its smooth medial curvature.
Scutum blunting and total ossicular destruction were detected in six ears, wherein the middle ear was completely pneumatized. Minor ossicular erosion was detected in six ears with pars flaccida type cholesteatomas and three ears with the pars tensa type (12%) and was clearly observed because of the smooth bony remodeling on the posterior tympanic wall in all of these ears.
The sinus may be connected to pneumatized sections of cranial bones, which spread to the upper parts of the beak, jaw and orbit (BAYON et al., 2007; WILLIAMS, 2012).
Approximately 4%-7% of the pneumatized petrous bones are asymmetric (4).
The computed tomography scan indicated normal middle and inner ear structures with well pneumatized mastoid cells in both ears preoperatively (Figure 1a).
Zygomatic air cell defect (ZACD) or pneumatized articular eminence has been described as an extended area of squamous cells in the root of the zygomatic arch and in the temporal part of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) (1).
In addition, bones are classified into different types based on their shape, including long, short, flat, irregular, sesamoid, pneumatized, and sutural or wormian bones.
In the pediatric population PPT usually presents in teenagers or children with pneumatized frontal sinuses.
However, when comparing ADC histograms in previous studies, it becomes evident that some have included 0 values that might result from pneumatized lung tissue [19], while others have truncated low ADC values by thresholding [13].