pneumatic tube

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pneu·mat·ic tube

(nū-mat'ik tūb)
A unidirectional, continuously operating vacuum system that transfers specimens in plastic carriers from patients to the laboratory.
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Evaluation of a soft-hand ling computerized pneumatic tube specimen delivery system.
Steige and Jones have stated that each pneumatic tube system must be individually evaluated because of the differences between each of pneumatic tube systems [1].
It is a virtual form of packaging--an isolation suited to the pneumatic tube. You get from input to output without, for example, your calculations being shuffled to suit the computational ease of the device.
The pneumatic tube carrier features a stainless steel exterior enclosure with motors positioned at the base of the exterior vertical that allow for easy access, so any service work can be performed from the front of the equipment.
A Pneumatic tube systems (PTS) have proven to be of great value in providing prompt delivery of laboratory specimens and other materials as part of managing patient care.
Pneumatic tube systems are available to transport clinical specimens drugs radiographs and laboratory reports more rapidly and safely than manual transport by hospital workers.1 However the transport method may affect the quality of samples.2 Rapid transport of blood samples in pneumatic tube systems may cause red blood cell breakdown (hemolysis) and may affect blood test results.34 Hemolysis of blood samples may necessitate repeated phlebotomy and may cause inaccuracy and delays in completing laboratory tests that are needed for clinical decision-making.5
Mechanically, the system works like this: People in a building or on the street in a certain area deposit waste in various bins, or "inlets," with a reservoir at the bottom that connect to a pneumatic tube. There will be separate inlets for different kinds of waste, including different types of recyclable material, organic waste, and household refuse.
Pneumatic tubes, instead of store wagons, will deliver packages and bundles.
Many hospitals are using pneumatic tube systems to send blood gas samples to a central area for analysis in an attempt to reduce turn around time and cut costs.
Western Pneumatic Tube booked sales of USD57m for 2011.
International Resource News-December 21, 2011--Leggett & Platt to acquire Western Pneumatic Tube Holding LLC(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
A Birmingham manufacturer of pneumatic tube systems is reporting a significant sales increase in the last year following support from West Midlands Manufacturing Challenge (WMMC3).