pneumatic tube

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pneu·mat·ic tube

(nū-mat'ik tūb)
A unidirectional, continuously operating vacuum system that transfers specimens in plastic carriers from patients to the laboratory.
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A Pneumatic tube systems (PTS) have proven to be of great value in providing prompt delivery of laboratory specimens and other materials as part of managing patient care.
Swisslog began in 1915 as Grover Brothers and Wood in Detroit, Michigan -- servicing pneumatic tube systems.
Pneumatic tubes, instead of store wagons, will deliver packages and bundles.
If your facility uses a pneumatic tube system to transport blood gas samples then great care should be exercised to remove all air bubbles and foam before the sample is sent.
produced concrete evidence for a causative link between physical forces and changes in serum parameters, demonstrating quite conclusively that the magnitude of the accelerations in the pneumatic tube trip to the laboratory was directly correlated with aberrant serum indices for a large number of analytes.
A Birmingham manufacturer of pneumatic tube systems is reporting a significant sales increase in the last year following support from West Midlands Manufacturing Challenge (WMMC3).
The business provides pneumatic tube systems for retailers to transport cash from the checkout or prescriptions at pharmacies, and is hoping to break into the healthcare sector.
Developed by Phelps-Dodge heir William Stokes, the Ansonia had every luxury of its time, including a Turkish bath, pneumatic tube system for residents to exchange messages, along with a rooftop farm which provided guests with fresh eggs and poultry.
Phlebotomists now retrieved an individual label from a holding area on a patient floor, drew the blood, labeled the specimen and sent the specimens one-by-one through a pneumatic tube to the lab.
Other products available from Herzog include Sample Preparation Machines for Non-Ferrous Samples, Pulverizing Mills, Presses and Pneumatic Tube Systems.
Way too many keynoters are shot by pneumatic tube from the airport to behind the lectern and back again.
In addition to a pneumatic tube for sending prescriptions and retrieving medicine, that one also has a window.