plyometric training

ply·o·met·ric train·ing

(plī'ō-met'rik trān'ing)
Exercise training that exploits the stretch-recoil characteristics of skeletal muscle and neurologic modulation through the stretch or myotatic reflex; used by athletes who require specific, powerful movements (e.g., in football, volleyball, sprinting, and basketball); lengthening contractions followed immediately by shortening contraction.
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Especially recommended to the attention of both amateur and professional athletes and martial arts students, as well as athletes, coaches, and strength and conditioning experts, "High-Powered Plyometrics" showcases the principles of high-intensity plyometric training, power assessments, and development of long- and short-term conditioning programs.
20 minutes of plyometric training followed by 45 minutes of possession-based hell.
Hing et al conducted a study titled "the impact of a 6-week plyometric training course on agility in college students".
Plyometric training, which focuses on rapid, powerful movements that lengthen, and then shorten, certain muscles.
He added: "We do a lot of sprint training, jumps and plyometric training - it's not just all about lifting weights.
Foure A, Nordez A, McNair PJ and Cornu C (2011) Effects of plyometric training on both active and passive parts of the plantarflexors series elastic component stiffness of muscle-tendon complex.
Ramone Reed will lead sessions that focus on speed, agility, power and plyometric training.
For this purpose, we recommend a training shoe that offers support and protection while allowing the patient to perform rehabilitation exercises and progress their gait to include fitness walking, gliding, accelerations, and plyometric training.
When it comes to better strength, bone density, and balance, in addition to plyometric training there is another activity enthusiastically taking the spotlight: dance class.
And the education begins with McGuire, who has surrounded himself with a versatile staff, including assistant Sean Delaney, who has enhanced the Spirits' practices with increased plyometric training.