plyometric training

ply·o·met·ric train·ing

(plī'ō-met'rik trān'ing)
Exercise training that exploits the stretch-recoil characteristics of skeletal muscle and neurologic modulation through the stretch or myotatic reflex; used by athletes who require specific, powerful movements (e.g., in football, volleyball, sprinting, and basketball); lengthening contractions followed immediately by shortening contraction.
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In addition, all the guidelines for strength and conditioning in MMA athletes (Amtmann and Berry, 2003; Tack, 2013), suggest rope skipping as a method for plyometric training and coordination only.
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/Athletes will learn safe landing and balancing skills critical to plyometric training used in all sports.
NRG Boxing is a mix of martial arts to high energy tunes, using cardio and plyometric training to help develop footwork skills, shadow boxing, core focus, and hand to eye coordination.
(3) Numerous studies cited in a meta-analysis have demonstrated that supplemental plyometric training results consistently in greater muscle peak force.
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"Start with less weight and gradually load more, but keep it safe." Work your way towards plyometric training to increase your muscles' explosive power, says Calo.
Neuromuscular training (NMT) includes plyometric training along with strengthening exercises such as lunges, squats, and plank exercises.
(21) is that the outcome effects were measured on lower limb in the former study while our investigation examined the acute effects of the plyometric training on the upper limb.
This is a guide to plyometric training, which is a method for developing explosive athletic power.