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Effects produced, as demonstrated in experimental animals, by means of exposure to the radioactive element plutonium present in atomic piles; they consist of hepatic damage, bone changes, and graying of the hair.
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(2005), convective heat flow in backarc regions can continue for some tens of millions of years after subduction stops; these hot and weak former backarcs can then become the focus of high temperature metamorphism, ductile deformation, and plutonism. Based on previously published geochronological data, the composite Saint George Batholith was emplaced into the Mascarene backarc basin during three separate intervals (428 to 422 Ma; 403 to 390 Ma; and 367 to 366 Ma), covering a time span of approximately 60 million years (Bevier 1989, 1990; McLeod 1990; Whalen et al.
Vogt, "Postcollisional polycyclic plutonism from the Zagros hinterland: the Shaivar Dagh plutonic complex, Alborz belt, Iran," Geological Magazine, vol.
"The simple fact that he was dependent for his living on the practical applications of geology--on drainage and surveying and the holding back of the sea--meant that he was wholly unsuitable to mingle with men who liked to debate in contented languor over the competing virtues of Neptunism and Plutonism..." (Winchester 2001, 226).
Topics include: Plutonism versus Neptunism, the sanukitoid series, the geochemistry of Archaean plagioclase-rich granites as a marker of source enrichment and depth of melting, chemical structure in granitic magmas, and more.
Rocks in this belt underwent several different cycles of tectonism, as well as extensive metamorphism, plutonism, folding and faulting, with thrust-faulting playing a particularly important role in the localization of primary gemstone deposits.
12:00-1:20 LUNCH BREAK Friday, June 1, 2007 Location: BRADFORD Session: Volcanism and Plutonism in the Southwestern U.S.
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Tectonic environments and sources of magmatism have not been studied using modern petrological techniques based on minor element and isotope geochemistry and, thus, the tectonic settings of orogenic volcanism, plutonism, and sedimentation in Estonia are so far poorly understood.
Lezama Lima, Sarduy's predecessor and mentor, differentiated between the European baroque and the American baroque by equating the former with tensionless accumulation and the latter with what he called el plutonismo, the "Plutonism," or the explosive, disseminating nature of Latin American culture.