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Effects produced, as demonstrated in experimental animals, by means of exposure to the radioactive element plutonium present in atomic piles; they consist of hepatic damage, bone changes, and graying of the hair.
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The climax of Appalachian orogenesis (continent-continent collision) took place in the Devonian, and is characterized by a change from calc-alkaline to S-type plutonism, along with transcurrent deformation.
1999, Timing of plutonism, deformation, and metamorphism in the Yellowknife Domain, Slave Province, Canada: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v.
Basement rocks record Hercynian subduction and plutonism on the northern margin of Gondwana, which in the Permian and Triassic rifled into several microcontinents, thereby creating the eastern Mediterranean Neotethys ocean.
1988), which, together with the inferred crystallization age, were used to suggest that Permian-Carboniferous plutonism was a significant factor for economic mineralization in the Meguma Terrane (Cormier et al.
These data provide constraints on the timing of final movement on the orogen-parallel strike-slip Southern Uplands-Skerd Rocks Fault System, and have implications for correlations between Acadian plutonism in New England and in western Ireland.
Here we report new high precision U-Pb zircon ages for the late-Caledonian Galway Granite and use them (a) to elucidate more fully the duration and timing of granite magmatism in Connemara, (b) to place time constraints on the finality of motion on the Skerd Rocks Fault and the regional implications for the major orogen-parallel faults, and (c) to explore implications for cross-Atlantic correlations with Acadian granite plutonism in the New England Appalachians.
U-Pb geochronological constraints on the timing of plutonism, volcanism, and sedimentation, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK.
Similar plutonism in the Antigonish Highlands is regarded as being a little younger (618-611 Ma) and the 609-605 Ma Debert River granodiorite of the Bass River block is younger still.
The Mira and Bras d'Or terranes have been locally defined based on stratigraphy, age, metamorphic grade, plutonism, and lithogeochemistry.
Early Paleozoic thermotectoinc histroy of eastern New England: Cambro-Ordovician metamorphism and plutonism - a distinct featrue of the "Casco" terrane.