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Suffering a sudden attack or convulsion, such as an epileptic seizure.


Technique and art of selecting and adjusting spectacles or contact lenses following a visual examination. See optical dispensing.


preparation of animals for special occasions of stress, e.g. parturition, exhibition at fairs and shows. Includes additional feed, exercise, grooming, handling.

Patient discussion about fitting

Q. I mean what this fitness is all about….. I know nutritious diet is important for good health but why is the need for fitness …..I mean what this fitness is all about…..

A. Fitness can help you live longer and has been proven to help the body, muscles, bones not age as much as if you were inactive...

Q. What does the concept of fitness stands for?

A. Dagmar said it well.

Q. what does fitness include?

A. The term 'fitness' refers to general fitness (a state of health and well-being) and specific fitness (the ability to perform specific aspects of sports or occupations).Physical fitness is the functioning of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, and muscles to function at optimum efficiency, therefore, it is now defined as the body’s ability to function efficiently.

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A DUNDEE factory which makes plumbing fittings will close and 66 jobs will go to a plant in Poland unless workers or their union have a "radical plan" to save it, bosses at IBP Conex said.
CUTLINE: Patrick Elliott, left, and James Merchant, both sophomores, work on plumbing fittings in class at Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School.
Plumbing fittings demand is expected to reach [yen] 45 billion in 2009, with bathtub and shower fittings leading gains.
Last night there appeared to be a fault with the plumbing fittings.
Pearl Fittings, which has sales of 120 million pounds Sterling, manufactures and distributes plumbing fittings to the retail and construction markets through IBP Limited ("IBP") and manufactures and distributes high pressure hydraulic hoses and hose couplings to all sectors of the fluid power industry through Europower Limited ("Europower").
Using a garden hose, plumbing fittings, and aquarium tubing, the divers were supplied with a constant flow of hot water--pumped from the vessel's water supply--to surround their entire body while they worked in the cold water.
In domestic and industrial water supplies it can cause the staining of clothes, plumbing fittings and swimming pool surfaces.
For Goss & DeLeeuw, Kensington, CT, its lock on building its 1-2-3 rotary transfer machines for the plumbing fittings industry that dated from the 1940s to the 1970s looked unassailable.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Plumbing Fittings and Fixtures in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Plumbing Fittings (Single Lever, Bath & Shower Fittings, Lavatory, Sink Fittings, Drains & Overflows, & Other Fittings), and Plumbing Fixtures (Sinks, Bath Tubs, Vitreous Water Closets, Urinals, Vitreous Flush Tanks, Lavatories, Shower Stalls, & Other Fixtures).
Demand for plumbing fittings will be aided by gains in building construction activity, and by the efforts of consumers to replace older and less-efficient faucets and showerheads with newer models that use less water.
The warehouse on the Junction Six Industrial Park near Spaghetti Junction, owned by The M&G Property Portfolio and managed by PRUPIM, has been let to one of the region's leading suppliers of gas and plumbing fittings.
These laws were created as a result of the United States EPA finding that a significant source of lead was a result of water from faucets and plumbing fittings.