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Suffering a sudden attack or convulsion, such as an epileptic seizure.
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Technique and art of selecting and adjusting spectacles or contact lenses following a visual examination. See optical dispensing.
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Q. I mean what this fitness is all about….. I know nutritious diet is important for good health but why is the need for fitness …..I mean what this fitness is all about…..

A. Fitness can help you live longer and has been proven to help the body, muscles, bones not age as much as if you were inactive...

Q. What does the concept of fitness stands for?

A. Dagmar said it well.

Q. what does fitness include?

A. The term 'fitness' refers to general fitness (a state of health and well-being) and specific fitness (the ability to perform specific aspects of sports or occupations).Physical fitness is the functioning of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, and muscles to function at optimum efficiency, therefore, it is now defined as the body’s ability to function efficiently.

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Since its inception in 1987, ACCOR has been designing and manufacturing innovative and cost-effective plumbing fittings. The company was a pioneer in introducing "push-fit" technology in the U.S.
Congress enacted the act in 2011 to amend Section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and required that the wetted surface of lead pipes, fixtures and plumbing fittings and fixtures sold for or installed in potable water applications not contain more than 0.25% lead by weight.
EcoWaste Coalition, which has been advocating the prevention or elimination of human exposure to the toxic metal, said that the local regulation should also include plumbing fittings and fixtures such as brass or chromeplated faucets.
Many developers even incorporate water-efficient plumbing fittings into their kitchen and bathroom designs, helping owners to become even more environmentally friendly.
As well as essentials such as guttering, window fittings and plumbing fittings, there are wall and ceiling panels that provide an effective alternative to tiles and even specialist luxury items like underfloor heating systems and integral window blinds.
The company specializes in manufacturing valves, plumbing fittings and fasteners.
Tools stolen include a green Bosch drill, a grey Axminster SLB 9100n jointer, a number of plumbing fittings, a Dewalt circular saw, an orange Dewalt drill, a blue and green Bosch angle grinder, a red Echo chainsaw and a red Husqvarna chainsaw.
In "Pro Tip for Joining Threaded Plumbing Fittings" (Home Care & Repair, July/Aug.
The IBP Group, which includes Conex Banninger, a market leading plumbing fittings company, has relocated its head offices and UK distribution centre from Great Bridge in Tipton to the Pensnett Estate at Kingswinford.
The IBP Group a market leading plumbing fittings company, has relocated its head offices and UK distribution centre from Tipton to the Pensnett Estate at Kingswinford.
Lighting, plumbing fittings, seating and a partition wall were damaged.

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