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Q. Is there any healthy diet to overcome the problem? How good are plums in fighting with the ageing problem? I am looking a little older these days. Due to my hectic work schedule and stress I am not able to have healthy food so I just have anything and everything to satisfy my hunger. My skin looks sallow due to this stress and wrinkles started to appear on my forehead. I want to recover as quickly as possible. Is there any healthy diet to overcome the problem? How good are plums in fighting with the ageing problem?

A. Yes they will help you to make your skin look healthier and young. As it takes weeks or months to bring your skin to this bad state so it needs some time to recover as well. Plums have antioxidant which helps in neutralizing the free radicals. This in turn will make the skin to reverse off its ageing process. Though plums are not the whole some food to control the skin to look healthier but you must take lot of water to remove the toxicity from your body. And a balanced normal diet with a good sleep is also required. With all these intake of plums will speed the process as you desire.

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It is important to remember that bamboo, plum trees and chrysanthemums all represent Confucian noble virtues.
SAN FRANCISCO -- AbsolutelyNEW, a leading edge company that develops innovative products for the consumer and business marketplace, announced today that their Science and Technology division has licensed The Mann Plum Tree in a nonexclusive contract to Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards Co.
The plum trees at the top of our garden were a late discovery when we moved into our home.
In writings dating back to 479 BC, he describes the plum tree as a beautiful lover:
The scientists put a gene from part of the protein coat of the papaya ringspot virus into 36 plum trees in 1990.
From this exalted position, visitors can survey the burial mounds and surrounding landscape of hills, plum trees and a small lake.
There are still some very old plum trees on the site of the old friary which experts believe could be descendants of those grown by the monks.
Powys Council and Natural Resources Wales have teamed up to give away native apple, pear, cherry and plum trees, as part of the Community Nectar Tree scheme.
CONTINUE to plant summer-flowering bulbs; Prune plum trees once they have started growing; Don't let pots and seed trays in the greenhouse dry out; Prune spring-flowering shrubs more than three-years-old as they finish flowering; Sow sweet peas directly into their flowering position; Sow tomato seeds in a heated propagator or on a warm windowsill to grow outdoors when risk of frost has passed; Plant sprouted tubers of early varieties of potato; Remove the ends of shoots on shrubs damaged by frost; Feed climbers with a slow-acting general fertiliser around all established plants; Check borders for plant losses and plan how you are going to fill the gaps.
Therewasoneareawhichhadobviously been put aside for building work and I found apple and plum trees and even a grape vine growing in the corner.
We have several plum trees, mainly the variety called 'Early Laxton', which are a medium sized yellow-fleshed fruit, the skins dusted with a delicate mauve-y colour, and with a lovely juicy flash and delicious tart taste, perfect for all sorts of culinary uses.