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Comparisons of the 3rd month and 6th month total MVSS scores revealed that all scoring parameters (height, pigmentation, vascularity, pliability, and total MVSS score) significantly decreased across the board as compared to baseline evaluation in both groups.
Estrogen increases collagen content, skin thickness, and pliability (21).
Clinical assessment was done before treatment and 6 months after the final treatment, assessment was done using the most widely used assessment scale Vancouver Scar Scale (VSS), which measures vascularity, pliability, pigmentation and height giving a range of 0-14 in the total score.
They say this pliability could make it ideal for use in retail packaging, grocery bags, and food containers--including egg cartons.
The pliability of blended learning will also afford a less stressful learning environment and facilitate potentially enhanced learning gains.
Researchers have developed a way to make surfaces ice-phobic by altering the pliability and slipperiness of polymer coatings.
DSM said the Dyneema Purity Radiopaque fiber is 15 times stronger than steel while maintaining high pliability and increased flexibility, which may help lower the risk of bone damage.
It's not rock-hard, far from it -- there's enough pliability to deal with bad roads but no so much that body roll becomes a problem.
They prevent cracking of the skin & facilitate desquamation and this hastens up pliability. Pliability is an important variable that renders immense benefit in improving the movement range, prevention and early correction of contractures, including ectropion and eclabium.
The devices use microLED lights to activate nerve cells and, because of their size and pliability, it is though they may have uses in or near the bladder, stomach, heart and other organs.
Certainly, advanced yoga practitioners can display some remarkable pliability. But beginners also can do a lot of stretching and moving in ways that are gentle and manageable, regardless of weight, age, and flexibility.