pleuropericardial fold

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pleur·o·per·i·car·di·al fold

a tissue fold jutting into the right or left embryonic pericardioperitoneal canal; it separates the developing pericardium from the pleural cavity and is formed by the growth of the common cardinal veins to the midline of the body.


pertaining to the pleura and pericardium.

pleuropericardial celom, pleuropericardial coelom
that part of the original body cavity in the fetus which subsequently divides into the pericardial and pleural cavities.
pleuropericardial fold
the beginnings of the pleuropericardial septum in the developing embryo.
pleuropericardial septum
the septum produced by the fusion of the two pleuropericardial folds; it divides the original pleuropericardial coelom into the pleural and pericardial coeloms, later the cavities of the same names.