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, pleura-pleuro-
Rib, side, pleura.
[G. pleura; a rib, the side]

pleuro-, pleur-

prefix meaning "the pleura or side": pleurocentrum, pleurography, pleuropulmonary.


, pleura- , pleuro-
Combining forms meaning rib, side, pleura.
[G. pleura; a rib, the side]


, pleuro- [Gr. pleura, rib, side]
Prefixes meaning pleura, side, rib.
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are also comparable, since they also exhibit a smooth pileus, partial veil producing a membranous annulus or a fibrillose annular zone, two or four spored basidia, as well similar pleuro- and cheilocystidia (Noordeloos, 2011).
Similarly in Tharparkar, the common diseases of large ruminants were Black Quarter, Foot and Mouth Disease, Enterotoxaemia, Anthrax, contagious Caprine Pleuro- Pneumonia, Sura and Mange.