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11% among controls), MRSA infection of the lung or pleura (53% vs.
There was little evidence of an increased risk for any specific cancer sites, apart from a statistically significant association between nonvolatile organochlorine exposure and Hodgkin disease and cancer of the pleura.
Restrictive lung diseases: Diseases that interfere with lung inflation; examples are pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis, pneumoconioses, diseases of the chest wall and pleura, and those of neuromuscular origin.
SFT is a rare type of spindle cell neoplasm originating from mesenchymal cells and usually arises in the pleura.
It blends with the parietal pleura and is reinforced by the scalenus minimus muscle.
It provides protection to the organs of the pleura, pertitoneum, and pericardium by secreting serous fluid which acts as a lubricant.
High-grade sarcomas presenting in the pleura generally do not enter into the differential diagnosis of fibrous pleurisy versus desmoplastic mesothelioma.
A longitudinal view of the transverse process and its tip should be displayed medially, with the pleura lateral and slightly deeper.
Fibrinous adhesions were disrupted and parietal and visceral pleura were debrided in order to unify the pleural space.
Presented in sections on the chest wall, pleura, and mediastinum; pulmonary opacities; and hyperlucent abnormalities, the images include pleural effusions, anterior mediastinal mass, segmental and lobar opacities, multiple nodules and masses, and hyperlucent thorax.
Specifically, they wanted to find out if the nanotubes could reach the pleura, which is the tissue that lines the outside of the lungs and is affected by exposure to certain types of asbestos fibres which cause the cancer mesothelioma.