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The average number of types of macromolecules (for example, mRNAs) per cell.
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It induces the priests to reshape the real as an imaginary space of wish-fulfillment and plentitude.
Perhaps their plentitude accounts for Hollywood using so many in the movies, even when said movie was set decades before the Model 1892's advent.
With access to the Internet, there is a plentitude of creative and fun choices that your sweetie and her co-workers will ooh and ahh over.
During the time of Hatshepsut, scholars ranked ancient rulers success by how lavish and plentitude of monuments they left behind.
Decorated as an outdoor verandah overlooking the ocean at night, the Italian-feel menu offers a plentitude of fresh, high-quality seafood, with an entree price range of $12.
Cosmair manufactures and markets to both the prestige, salon and retail sectors with such brands as: L'Oreal, Lancome, Preference, Casting, Studio Line, Plentitude, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Paloma Picasso, Cacharel, Guy Laroche, Gloria Vanderbilt, Biotherm and Redken salon products.
For the infant United States, the animal was an emblem of plentitude and power.
Agriculture is exposed to a plentitude of challenges such as limited arable land and natural resources, a shortage or rising cost of labor, increased market volatility, limits to credit availability for smallholder farmers, resistance issues and an ongoing quest for sustainability to name only a few, said Dr Sascha Israel, Head Region Asia Pacific, Bayer CropScience.
Outland's contrast between this plentitude and the alienation of modern society, seen clearly in his Washington experience, concludes his section of the novel.
The power of analytics models and the plentitude of data makes it much more possible to automate underwriting.
Decrying the plentitude of weapons in the world in general, Francis said: "And we ask for peace for this world subjected to arms dealers, who earn their living with the blood of men and women.
This idyllic golfer's dream community in Polk County features a Michael Dasher designed golf course and a plentitude of active amenities.