prefix, Latin, paralysis
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1-4,8,14-16) This intervention should be urgent since patients with thoracic SEA that have progressed to profound plegia have a poor long-term prognosis.
By the 16th month of illness, left arm plegia and a severe bulbar palsy developed.
The other frequently associated symptoms observed are paresis, plegia, and anesthesia.
2011), Van der Plegia and Pulhekke (2010), Leong and Mohaddes (2011) demonstrated the negative impact of this factor.
Neurological deficits (weakness, loss of balance, change in vision, praxis, paresis/ plegia, sensory loss, aphasia, etc) that may or may not be transient.
The neurologist documented that there had been an onset between 0845 and 0910 of left arm and leg plegia, decreased or no sensation on the left side, and dense left visual field cut.
However, they did find that the presence of paresis or plegia did determine the degree of lateralization of the thrombus.
Evaluation of head orientation and neck muscle EMG signals as command inputs to a human-computer interface for individuals with high tetra plegia.