prefix, Latin, paralysis
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Tenders are invited for Cardio Plegia Cannula Without Vent Line.
In Latin quad is four and in Greek plegia is inability to move.
She was comatose, opened her eyes on rough stimuli, the right pupil was mydriatic with no reaction to the light and accommodation, and there was no adequate verbal response, with flexion of the left side limbs and plegia of the limbs on the right side (GCS 7).
The correlation between protein and amino acid intakes and BMD was determined after controlling for demographic characteristics (including gender and BMI) and injury-related variables (including completeness of injury, plegia type, and ASIA-score).
1-4,8,14-16) This intervention should be urgent since patients with thoracic SEA that have progressed to profound plegia have a poor long-term prognosis.
By the 16th month of illness, left arm plegia and a severe bulbar palsy developed.
Under corticosteroids (Methylprednisolone 750 ml/day - 3 days; 500 ml - 1 day) we obtained the regression from plegia to paresis and improvement of brainstem symptoms, but with worsening of pulmonary symptoms with the aspect of bronchopneumonia.
The other frequently associated symptoms observed are paresis, plegia, and anesthesia.
The results of the skeletal analyses in our case revealed just discrete side-specific differences in bone size of humeri and increased FNA of the left femur without any other signs of limb discrepancy which would be concordant to such grade of plegia.
Physical exam revealed a patient in good nutritional condition, bedridden, with neurological deficit characterized by plegia in lower right limb, with greater compromise in distal roots of L3, L4, and L5 and paresis in the lower left limb.
A SH causada por lesao nos neuronios de primeira ordem invariavelmente e associada com outros deficits neurologicos (8, 9), como ataxia, paresia, plegia, deficiencias visuais, alteracao no estado mental e envolvimento de outros nervos cranianos (27), pois esses neuronios saem da regiao de tronco encefalico e passam pela medula espinhal cervical.