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Max A., U.S. dentist, 1903-1965. See: Pleasure curve.


[L. placere, to please]
The feeling of being delighted or pleased.


Any enjoyable or agreeable emotion or sensation, to the pursuit of which most people, who are free to do so, devote their lives.
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A friend remarked that it was bizarrely, and pleasurably, meta to watch the two leaders speak of Hamas's efforts to derail the talks as, well, just that, and to state explicitly that neither was going to permit that to happen.
Doing this can be both pleasurably satisfying and philosophically important.
It takes courage to play, really play, pleasurably, in a thoroughly uninhibited fashion, for certain conditions alien to the normal adult psyche are requisite.
Yoga is a fun way to get involved with the kids actively and pleasurably.
Hiba Tawji steals the show, her confident, clear voice pleasurably traversing the formidable obstacle course thrown up by the play's demanding score.
Pleasurably for the viewer, Tooke chooses her palette from beginning of summer: vivacious pinks, purples and sassy greens.
And with sufficient counter, grilling and cooking space, meal preparation outdoors can be pleasurably shared.
They are sufficiently powerful, yet can be shot pleasurably all day.
In a New Light is otherwise a significant little book--not to mention a pleasurably readable one--that reintroduces much-needed terms like "transcendence," "imagination,'" "empathy," and "art" into a dialogue too often dominated, instead, by celebrity gossip, box office returns, and, particularly in Christian circles, simple moralizing.
Lining them like surplus merchandise are dozens of axes, pointy witches hats, braided weaves and dildos so clean they look almost pleasurably wet.
Yet, like dope-sick junkies, these five Long Beach lowlifes come crawling back to satisfy their musical fix for the pleasurably abrasive jams that Street Trash pumps out.