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Max A., U.S. dentist, 1903-1965. See: Pleasure curve.


[L. placere, to please]
The feeling of being delighted or pleased.


Any enjoyable or agreeable emotion or sensation, to the pursuit of which most people, who are free to do so, devote their lives.
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As well, experimental designs could be used with manufactured scenes of a sexually explicit nature whose pleasantness and activation had been manipulated with the help of the Dictionary of Affect in Language.
Changes in the threshold at which stimuli are perceived as well as the degree of pleasantness of the stimuli can easily affect human relationships.
They have rather a pleasantness associated with them.
To the Healer is the land of your might, your song, your strength your descendants, Your dominion is within Ugarit, As long as the days of sun and moon And the pleasantness of the years of El.
The hope is that general prosperity and pleasantness will be the result; interest rates will be lower, investors more secure, more capital liberated for investment and job creation, the government more fiscally stable than it has been in a generation.
Pleasantness and consideration that the melange of people is enriched by its variety has been forsaken for the rant and cant of the autocrat, ergo Mr Alistair Campbell's finger wagging, school prefect diatribe at the BBC.
We're treated to about two minutes of pleasantness as Paul Kersey (Bronson) and his wife (Hope Lang) relax in Hawaii during the film's opening.
An ancient rabbi, Rav Joseph, pointed out: 'The whole Torah exists only to establish peace, as it says: 'Its ways are ways of pleasantness and all its paths are peace.
So when people smell a certain perfume or spray, they will associate the pleasantness with you.