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1. involvement in enjoyable recreational activities; see also play therapy.
2. the extent to which mechanical movement is available.
joint play the accessory movement available within a joint, which is not under voluntary control but is needed for proper functioning of the joint.
play therapy
1. a technique used in child psychotherapy in which play is used to reveal unconscious material. Play is the natural way in which children express and work through unconscious conflicts; thus play therapy is analogous to the technique of free association used in psychoanalysis of adults. The therapy is done in a playroom containing toys such as dolls, a doll house, and furniture; blocks; art materials; toy animals, cars, trucks, guns, soldiers, and telephone; and games. As the child plays he expresses his fantasies and gives the therapist clues about his family relationships and unconscious conflicts. For example, the child may be unable to verbally express hostile feelings about a parent or sibling but be able to act out these feelings playing with a doll. The role of the therapist is nondirective. The therapist provides an accepting, understanding adult relationship that allows the child to work through his conflicts and to experiment with new ways of relating to himself and other people.
2. in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as the purposeful and directive use of toys and other materials to assist children in communicating their perception and knowledge of their world and to help in gaining mastery of their environment.
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1. To perform or participate in an activity for recreation or amusement.
2. General term for individual or group activities engaged in for fun or recreation.
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1. Involvement in a sport, amusement, or any form of recreation, esp. an activity other than that in which one is usually engaged as an occupation. From the medical standpoint, it is important that the recreational activity be enjoyable and that participation in it be safe and satisfactory.
2. Unimpeded motion, as of a joint.
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Patient discussion about play

Q. i play basketball and i suffer from bad knee, what can i do to make it better and still i'll be able to play??

A. What you describe may actually be "chondromalacia patella" - damage to the cartilage of the knee due to overuse injury. It's usually treated with physiotherapy (mainly strengthening the quadriceps and hamstrings muscles) and supporting devices.

However, I'm not very keen on making diagnosis over the net, so you may want to consult a doctor (e.g. orthopedic surgeon) in order to diagnose it and receive the appropriate treatment.

You may want to read more here:

Q. what is a sentimental abuse? in what ways does it show? i think my boyfriend is abusing me and playing with my emotions , does it call "Sentimental Abuse" , who do i need to see to get over it ?

A. In any situation any kind of abuse is wrong... If he is playing with your emotions sometimes it is good to see a councellor or someone you can talk to to get your feelings out in the open, sometimes it works sometimes it don't.... I just got out of an abusive relationship although it was not my emotions he was playing with it still helped to seek out someone that will listen maybe give suggestions on how you can either get out or fix the problem.

Q. How can some one make his sexual play long still erecting?

A. an erection is formed when two muscles clamp the vain taking out blood from the penis. then it fills up the penis until it gets hard. but eventually the blood must flow ..and after maximum 30 minutes - the muscles start to loosen up.

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These among others are sure to bring some extra playfulness to this Halloween's celebration.
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Although most Twitter account hacking is done out of malice, Rustle League members who spoke to ( Vice's Motherboard claimed they are operating out of a spirit of playfulness. Dumb, incredibly offensive playfulness, but playfulness nonetheless.