platinum group

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plat·i·num group

(plat'i-nŭm grūp),
A group of six amphoteric elements: iridium, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhodium, and ruthenium.
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Benny Oeyen, Executive Head of Market Development at Anglo American Platinum, commented: "This exciting earlystage technology aligns with our broader strategy to bring new technologies to market that will help us secure future demand for the platinum group metals we mine and pave the way to a more sustainable energy future.
Managing director Stuart Smith said: "Lord Combustion are based in the heart of the Black Country and I'm looking forward to working with other members of The Platinum Group to share best practice and work with like-minded businesses in a peer to peer learning environment."
"We are now established as a dominant player in the platinum group metal space in the region and look to developing an operation providing a low cost platinum group metal solution that is sustainable over potentially several decades."
The Pandora JV contributed 37,553 platinum ounces (74,019 platinum group metal ounces) to Lonmin in the 2015 financial year.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 17, 2016-Wells Fargo to sponsor Women Presidents' Organization platinum groups
Jubilee Platinum Pis a platinum focused mining exploration to metal development company with a focus on platinum group elements (PGE) and nickel.
The company also succeeded in developing platinum group metallic powder using nickel-based alloys with platinum and iridium additives, and manufacturing objects using them.
has hired a British company to review its platinum group metals project east of Sudbury.
Gail Arnold, -e Platinum Group Manager, has now taken over the role of Chamber Patrons Manager.
With a capital investment of \6.5 billion, the company will recover and refine platinum group metals (platinum, palladium and rhodium) that are contained in spent automotive exhaust purification catalysts.
PFN is a mineral exploration company focused on the exploration and development of platinum group metals (PGM), precious and base metals.
The majority of platinum-mining takes place in South Africa, where the metal is found in combination with other platinum group metals such as palladium and rhodium.