plate thrombosis

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plate throm·bo·sis

, platelet thrombosis
thrombosis due to an abnormal accumulation of platelets.

plate thrombosis

Thrombus formed from an accumulation of platelets.
See also: thrombosis
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Protecting the integrity of RBC and platelet membranes may be an important treatment goal in several clinical conditions but especially in sickle cell disease where hemolysis and platelet thrombosis are well known to be associated with worsening outcomes.
PLCHO concentrations were helpful in identifying the risk associated with phospholipase D activation in these patients more precisely as related to coronary plaque destabilization and coronary platelet thrombosis rather than to tissue ischemia.
According to extensive studies on the predictive value of the in vitro aggregation assay for the titration of specific platelet blockers, one might speculate that the clinical beneficial effect of estrogen on platelet thrombosis would be greater for [Pl.
that can prevent platelet thrombosis without causing bleeding"
Inhibiting the ADP receptor on platelets has been proven to prevent platelet thrombosis and subsequent heart attacks.

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