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Antibodies developed against fetal thrombocytes due to fetal-maternal platelet antigen incompatibility cause thrombocytopenia both in intrauterine period and afterwards.
Both biological factors--such as human platelet antigen dysfunction, impaired vascular function, reduced heart rate variability--and behavioral and/or social mechanisms--such as diet, exercise, medication adherence, tobacco use, social isolation, and chronic life stress have been suggested as possible links between depression and heart disease.
They discussed a human antibody against the human platelet antigen 5b, and covered a number of topics specific to blood products and related substances.
Rapid genotyping of human platelet antigen 1 (HPA-1) with fluorophore-labelled hybridization probes on the LightCycler.
Then they searched for a particular version of the platelet antigen gene, which codes for a protein known to play a key role in the blood-clotting process.
8) The most common antigen involved in this process is human platelet antigen 1.
This disorder, in which the mother makes IgG antibodies to an incompatible platelet antigen that the fetus has inherited from the father, "is the platelet equivalent of Rh disease," said Dr.
Detection of platelet antigen for antiplatelet antibodies in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura by flow cytometry, antigen-capture ELISA, and immunoblotting: a comparative study.
The most common setting is a mother who is negative for the platelet antigen [Pl.
Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia occurs when the mother lacks a platelet antigen present on the neonates platelets.
Contract award: technology for the determination of red blood cell and platelet antigens using molecular biological methods.
is an integrated circuit that determines the main allelic variants of blood groups and platelet antigens by analyzing 128 genetic polymorphisms.

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