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Sports medicine A weight training term for the point above which an anabolic drug becomes ineffective in increasing muscle mass. See Anabolic steroids, Weight training.

Patient discussion about plateauing

Q. How can I kick start my weight loss again? I'm stuck at a weight loss plateau. I keep losing/gaining the same 3 pounds. How can I start losing weight again?

A. Try kick starting your workout routine with some different kinds of exercises. Change up some eating habits, do not starve yourself. Eat, but eat clean and healthy fruits, lean meats, nuts, etc.

Q. How can you get past a weight loss plateau? I have been steadily losing weight and am 19 lbs. lighter. However, over the past week, I have stopped losing. I haven't changed my diet. What do I need to do to get the weight loss started again?

A. to kick start your metabolic furnace, try and change things up on your body. Try modifying your diet. Try changing up your workout routine (and if you don't have a workout routine, add one). If you've been focusing on cardio workout regimens so far, then ignore the cardio for a while and hit the weights instead. Basically, do everything that you're not doing now. This will send your body the message that you mean business, and should get the ball rolling again. Also, you could try manipulating your diet somewhat. Try alternating your caloric intake - "low" and "high" days, to keep your body guessing.

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