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Preparation of an anatomic specimen by injection of polymers into vessels, cavities, and other spaces.
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Yesterday it was his wife, Dr Angelina Whalley, director of the Institute for Plastination in Heidelberg and designer of the Body Worlds exhibitions, who was fielding the questions - such as how is it done and why is a dead body playing rock guitar?
Dr Angelina Whalley, curator and designer of the Body Worlds exhibitions and head of the Institute for Plastination, says: "I hope for visitors to Vital to be inspired by the body's potential and capacity of change."
Dr Angelina Whalley, curator and designer of the Body Worlds exhibitions, said: "I am struck by the synergy, symmetry and poetry of having the trailblazing science of plastination that unveils the keenly intelligent human body, presented at Life, the pioneering science village which has the co-discoverer of DNA, Nobel Laureate Dr James Watson, as its patron.
Plastination is done by removing all body liquids and replacing them with silicone.
The present day is represented by plastination and cryonics.
It features incredible cross-sections of the animals and their complex organs - from whales and penguins to Great White sharks - using the same plastination process as developed by Dr Gunther von Hagens and made famous by artist Damien Hirst.
Exhibition organisers have said that the 20 cadavers and more than 200 organs in the show were provided by a laboratory in Dalian, China, that specialises in plastination, a process that uses silicon rubber to preserve bodies.
Organisers further advise: "This exhibition contains real human bodies and anatomical specimens which have been posthumously dissected and preserved using the process of plastination.
As well as the 20 bodies on show at Real Bodies The Exhibition, which closes on Sunday, August 19, there are 200 anatomical specimens, all dissected and preserved by the technique of plastination, which entails replacing body fluids with synthetic plastics.
Plastination technique Antioquia University: an adaptation of the german standard method
The bodies and anatomical specimens have been dissected and preserved by the technique of plastination which replaces body fluids and fat with synthetic plastics.